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Growing hemp in Kansas, year one

At Tallgrass Hemp & Cannabis, we’re reflecting on our first year. What a ride it's been growing hemp in Kansas so far! This industry is not for the faint of heart. There are more questions than answers and persistence is required.

Grow or die

After a successful 2019 harvest, the Kansas Department of Agriculture denied our 2020 research license 3 times, in writing. All because we suggested studying feral hemp. We pushed back hard, with everything we had, and were fortunate to come to an agreement with state officials. We received our license on the very last day of the 2020 research licensing period.

So, we’re off on our second year of growing hemp in Kansas. Kind of. The KDA recently announced that the commercial hemp program will not be ready until the fall. The USDA has approved the plan but work remains to roll out the commercial program in Kansas. This means another year of stagnation for hemp and lost opportunities for Kansas farmers to develop the critical mass needed for success throughout the state. This unfortunate result of Coronavirus delays is disappointing to everyone involved, but no one’s fault.

Medical marijuana is another area where Kansas continues falling behind, even our nearest neighbors. During the Coronavirus crisis, 30 states declared cannabis essential. But in Kansas, it remains illegal. As Kansans, we’ve got to change this. Tallgrass continues advocating on this issue and encourages you to also speak up.

Harvest opportunity

Looking back, we are filled with gratitude for this historic first year of hemp in Kansas. Along the way we’ve come across some amazing old heads, generous young adventurers and many everyday givers to guide our path. Thank you to each and every person who supported this effort in any way. Please keep growing with Tallgrass.




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