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The Entrepreneur, 
The Horticulturist & 
The Doctor


Team Tallgrasss
Hemp  & Cannabis


Among the many qualifications of the team, there is none more important than

love of cannabis plants. 


Sarah Stephens Selmon’s entrepreneurial heart leads the way at Tallgrass Hemp & Cannabis as Founder & CEO. She loves cannabis, activism, action on climate change, coffee, social justice and most importantly, her family.

An innovator in business, she founded Safe Riders, Inc. in 2003 at the age of 25—the service drove intoxicated individuals home, in their own vehicle. The business was innovative and forward thinking. It solved a very real problem that, as a bartender at Walt’s Bar & Grill, she believed could be positively affected by providing a service solution.

While earning a Master of Public Affairs degree from Wichita State University’s Hugo Wall School, Sarah worked in Republican politics. She managed campaigns for governor, mayor and state representative. She learned to prefer the parameters of entrepreneurship.


When the opportunity to first grow hemp arose in Kansas, Sarah submitted a successful research proposal and was the first licensee in the state. Assembling an experienced team, learning from available research, and committing to industrial hemp in Kansas, Tallgrass Hemp & Cannabis incorporated in 2019.

Sarah Stephens Selmon clone room

Amy Bosley is an experienced grower and greenhouse manager. Amy loves plants! She spent the last 10 years at Johnson’s Garden Center where she cared for thousands of plants at all stages of their life cycle and the facility that supported them.

Amy is hard-working and smart. She is dedicated to hemp’s success in Kansas and the growth of Tallgrass Hemp & Cannabis. Serving as Chief Operating Officer, Amy oversees all aspects of growing and cloning.  She put her experience to work for the success the first harvest and contributed substantially to the company’s pioneering efforts.

Dr. Daniel Hamm, D.O. serves Tallgrass Hemp & Cannabis as Chief Medical Officer. Graduating from UNLV with degrees in economics and biochemistry, Dr. Hamm completed medical school at Western University of Health Sciences in California. During residency in rural Pennsylvania, Dr. Hamm joined the medical staff of Compassionate Certification Centers in Pittsburg.

A family physician and recognized expert in medical cannabis compounds, Dr. Hamm published clinical CBD research. His roots are in Wichita, KS where he graduated from Heights High School and cruised Rock Road.


A first-hand witness to the healing power of hemp derived CBD, TCH, and other cannabinoids, Dr. Hamm’s evaluation of medical cannabis patients is informed with compassion. With a medical perspective of cannabidiol affects, he makes dosage recommendations and advocates on behalf of medical cannabis patients

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