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Tallgrass Hemp & Cannabis is

A Proud Member of

KS Hemp Consortium

Consulting the Kansas Hemp Industry

Licensed Hemp Growers, Farmers, Processors, Testing Service Providers, Distributors & Data Analysts

KS Hemp Consortium

Cannabis Consulting

  • Regulation Research & Compliance Audits

  • Banking & Financing

  • Seed, Clone, Soil, & Nutrients 

  • THC & CBD Certificate of Analysis Testing

  • Data Analysis

  • Business Development 

  • Farm & Ranch Operations

  • Greenhouse & Indoor Grow Ops

  • Distribution

  • Processing

  • Retail Product Development 

Our love for Cannabis Cultivation is evidenced by attention to detail and care of the plants. 


The experienced growers and greenhouse facility managers at Tallgrass Hemp & Cannabis work with the support of business development experts to customize plans for Kansas cannabis businesses. Our experience in this space is unique and we hope to expand the reach of hemp in the state. Send an email to KS Hemp Consortium and request a customized plan to produce or process hemp in your indoor or outdoor space. 

Our team has mapped out the industry; from paperwork to soil testing, germplasm procurement, certificates of analysis, testing and compliance, all the way to processing and distribution. The industry experts at KS Hemp Consortium can research regulations in your specific location, study water access, take soil samples and make remediation recommendations based on their results, suggest financial institutions, and answer other questions for those in, and those considering, business in the Kansas hemp market. 

Data will drive the hemp market, just as data drives every market in the 2020 world. KS Hemp Consortium is compiling and analyzing hemp related data from around the world. Building a database to compare the effectiveness of various strains, growing methods, rates of fungal infection, and other relevant factors in the health of hemp businesses. Let the KS Hemp Consortium's data-driven research work for your hemp business to provide fact-based feedback.

Email the KS Hemp Consortium to consult on your specific cannabis business needs!

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